#AM-KISS - $100.00

NEW! Limited Edition
Signed in blue with actual lipstick
kiss by Arlene herself!

#AM41 Star Trek "Amok Time"
$45.00 with C.O.A. signed in BLUE ink.

#AM65 Hogan's Heroes w/ Robert Crane
$45.00 with C.O.A. signed in blue ink


#AM66 "Twilight Zone $45.00 w/C.O.A.


#AM61 Star Trek Official Photo
$45.00 with C.O.A.


#AM52 Star Trek "Amok Time"  
$50.00 with C.O.A.


#AM43 Twilight Zone  $45.00 with C.O.A.


#AM67 Studio Photo $45.00 with C.O.A.
Signed in silver ink


#AM62 Official Limited Edition Autographed Card, $45.00 with C.O.A.


#AM50 Star Trek "Amok Time"
$50.00 with C.O.A. 8x10"


#AM51 Star Trek "Amok Time" Official Photo
$50.00 with C.O.A.  8x10"


Arlene with Terry Martin of 
Time Machine (at the Star Trek
Convention March, 2000)

All photos come with Certificate of Authenticity
Dealer Inquiries Welcome